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Need direction, without Psycho-Babble?

Company Message


“P & M’s work with my 6 year old daughter Gina,

helped tremendously through my divorce.

She was better able to cope with the unfortunate changes.”

–Evelyn M.

“They did not ignore my sense of spirituality

through my struggles with Bi-Polar.

I appreciated that, and their straightforward,

no-nonsense therapy.”

–Michelle P.

“Psychotherapy IS for everyone!”

–Bryce B. (16 yo)

“Though I was fearful sometimes,

they knew when to change my goals for the better.”


“P & M Elite Services* helped me say 'No' to 'Yes' men.”

–TV Personality

“Some issues were hard to face, but I trusted my counselor

to guide me through and I am better for it.”

-Sports Agent

“My therapist helped me set goals

to overcome my addiction hurdles.”


“The psychotherapist helped me

with my specific issue- privately.”

–Wall Street Executive*

*Ask about P & M Elite Services for the busy professional.